Monitor your farm

Makes it easy to carry out supervision of agriculture

Quality your farm

Increase the yield and quality of agriculture

Help provide weather prediction and pest control

About Us

We are here to provide solutions

In agricultural surveillance in weather prediction and pest control to create better agricultural yields. We care about advancing Indonesian agriculture for a better Indonesia so that we can compete at the global level


these are the products we offer

Atama Climate

Atama Climate

Weather station tool used to help analyze the agricultural environment

Atama Vis

Atama Vis

Drones are equipped with tools that help to monitor the agricultural environment

Atama Sense

Atama Sense

App based on Augmented Reality that helps to analyze land and crops


Atama Dekstop

Access atamagri features through the desktop program

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Atama Apps

Access Atamagri features via an Android smartphone

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